300,000 Petitions Delivered to Notre Dame

by Steve Ray on April 30, 2009

The Cardinal Newman Society:    For Immediate Release,  April 29, 2009

First 300,000 Petition Signatures Delivered to Notre Dame Board Members, Fr. Jenkins
Copies Are Being Rushed to Rome, Papal Nuncio, USCCB and ND Bishop John D’Arcy

Manassas, Va. –  Today, April 29, 2009, the first 300,000 names of individuals who signed the petition at NotreDameScandal.com — opposing the University of Notre Dame’s decision to honor President Barack Obama at commencement — are being delivered to Notre Dame president Rev. John I. Jenkins, C.S.C., the Board of Trustees and the Board of Fellows as they prepare for scheduled meetings on Friday, May 1, at Notre Dame.

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Fra Nas April 30, 2009 at 5:46 PM

I think Fr. Jenkins should resign. If Notre Dame Board of Trustees refuse to rescind the invitation, then I suggest another petition drive directed at President Obama asking him to de-invite himself. I thank God for the alumni who are organizing to withhold the donations. We are simply tired of Catholics who are Catholics in name only. It’s time to separate the goats from the sheep. If it needs be, de-certify all the secularized Catholic institutions. The rest of us will raise up new and faithful ones.

Alice May 2, 2009 at 9:03 PM

I agree with the protest. I have been following it since it became public info. I feel it is also a disgrace and that Catholics need to stand up and be counted. I am so disgusted when I think of what our country is coming to; immorality everywhere, even on our Catholic campuses. I hope the alumni pull the money plug.

Mary T. Del Buono July 20, 2009 at 9:26 PM

I hope one day we will open our eyes to our so called president…he is not to be honored by the masses just yet…he hasn’t done anything but put us down…in my book…as for being at a Catholic college and covering the Catholic cross behind him is awful…if this is true. You know we cannot believe everything we read…lunch is still out on this stuff. The Bible is still being studied for at least 1999 years or so…??? and people still think they can learn everything from it in one or two years…we hear it every Sunday at mass…maybe not all the passages but most anyway. If we live to be 50 we have heard the Bible…a lot…if you don’t catch on that we sin…we are humans…we are to strive…(work) on learning it as much as we can…people claiming to be theoloigans sometimes should be humble and say they are studing it…still after ___ blank years. One never learns all it has to say. It is a lifetime journey through the words…just like it takes a lifetime to learn what life is all about. Some of us never really understand it …
so we must just live it…just read it (the Bible, in our form,) some day we will meet the Maker of the Bible who will tell us all. God Bless us…all the sinners…we don’t always know we sin but we do. sin… I am sorry I am just a Grandma who thinks about these things…am I praying not the words we learned in Catechism (I still have to read the prayers could not memorize them to this day)…but I try to talk to God from my mind…in praise … thanksgive for all He did for us…trying not to let that ole devil come into my mind with his empty promises…Amen…

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