Glendon’s Daughter Explains her Mother’s Decision

by Steve Ray on May 5, 2009

screen-capture-1Mary Ann Glendon recently pulled out of the Notre Dame University commencement because of the debacle with Fr. Jenkins and President Obama. Glendon’s daughter Liz Lev wrote to explain why her mother did what she did. Liz is a friend of mine in Rome and our guide when we take our groups to Rome. Nice Job Liz!

Fifty-nine bishops — and counting — speak out on Notre Dame.

New billboards placed near Notre Dame.


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Fra Nas May 6, 2009 at 3:10 PM

If the obstinate and worldly priest is obviously unwilling to withdraw the invitation, and President Obama has no integrity to de-invite himself, I call for the remnant of faithful Catholic students to boycott the commencement ceremony. I’m so sorry that it has to come to this but Christians have to stand up for God.

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