Obama (chameleon) on the Pope

by Steve Ray on July 3, 2009

Obama praises Pope’s ‘extraordinary leadership,’ vows ‘robust’ conscience clause, speaks on Church divisions, homosexuality

A week before his audience with Pope Benedict XVI, President Barack Obama addressed eight questions from Catholic reporters and editors on July 2. Click the link to read the whole article.


White House courts Catholics before Obama’s meeting with Pope
In the final days before a meeting between Pope Benedict XVI and President Barack Obama, the White House has launched what journalist John Allen describes as a “charm offensive” in Rome, which is having noticeable effects. A senior cardinal and longtime papal theologian has written sympathetically (but not accurately) about Obama’s approach to issues involving the dignity of human life. Other Vatican officials have suggested that they are open to Obama’s appeals, but recognize the clear conflicts that are likely to persist.

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Paul Primavera July 3, 2009 at 8:54 PM

Catholic news agencies interviewing Obamolech is like interviewing the devil. Sorry – I have nothing but disgust for Obamolech. All the liberal people now who tell me I have to be civil and not demonize this anti-christ were the first to revile, condemn and ridicule President Bush. I shall now give their choice all the respect they gave mine. Obama is evil – period.

Jim Hansen July 6, 2009 at 9:37 PM

Thankfully, our President is not a “One Issue” leader. I don’t have to support his stand on abortion, but I can praise his efforts to help the poor, the helpless, th hungry…. and to try to get us out of the mess left by his predecessor. Much of this sounds rather like the Gospel.

I wish that more of my fellow Catholics would focus on the Gospel first, and then charge off on their crusades– hopefully more enlightened and able to see the “Whole” , rather than “One Issue”.

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