Saturday, July 4, 2009

Not Rejoicing on the 4th Today . . .

by Steve Ray on July 4, 2009

dc-flag-half-mast. . . I am discouraged about our country. The Founders would roll over and groan in their graves if they saw where their beloved country has strayed. We are killing our babies, sanctioning homosexuality, changing the definition of marriage, sending pornography around the world and a host of other evils.

On top of that the men who valued freedom and Independence would be disgusted with the growth of the government they said should be bound in the chains of the Constitution. It has broken the bonds, becoming socialist and now has encroached into every area of our lives and pockets.

Both political parties have raped our country, borrowed money with the burden of unforgivable debt dumped on the shoulders of my kids and grandkids. With few exceptions the politicians have failed to stand courageously for the original ideals of this land that made it great. This is no longer the land the Founders suffered to establish nor the land they envisioned. Politically I am now a Catholic Conservative Independent!

So today, while I remember the great generations of heroes that gave this great land its birth and defended it over the years, I am dismayed by the direction the United States is now taking.  I don’t see it turning around. The socialist, immoral, entitlement trend it too entrenched and the momentum too strong. That’s why our flag is at half mast. I am always an optimist, but with this I tend to be very pessimistic.

Don’t get me wrong. I love America. I travel a lot and see many lands and governments, many economies and peoples — and I am always delighted to step off the plane back in America. It is because I love this country that I am dismayed! I don’t believe my grandkids will grow up to know the same country of morality, freedom, enterprise and goodness that I have known.

What do we know about the Founders of this country? They suffered for their Declaration of Independence. It is worth reading about these great men and what they did for us. Oh, that we had such conservative, principled, and honest men today! Click here for their stories.