Questions I Answered on Catholic Answers Live

by Steve Ray on July 7, 2009

Today I got a call one hour before the show to ask if I would fill in for Tim Staples on Open Line Q & A. I said, “Of course!”

So, I fielded an assortment of questions — and — here they are below. You can now listen to the archived show here. For other listening options, click here.

1) Why do people look to some popes more than to others? Why do some call Pope John Paul II — “the Great”?
2) I have a relative who is Oneness, Jesus-only Pentecostal. He is influencing others in my family. What should I do?
3) What happens when we die? Do we just sleep, go to heaven or what? What about Purgatory?
4) Catholics are often lackadaisical about their faith and morals. They don’t believe in once-saved-always-saved so why don’t they live their lives more carefully?
5) Someone said Catholicism is a “guilt religion” and I saw a T-shirt saying “Recovering Catholic”. What should I think and say?
6) What are Cardinals at the Vatican? What do they do and can a woman be a Cardinal?
7) What is the Rapture and do Catholics believe in it?
8) My friend said there is absolutely no proof, archaeological or otherwise to prove the truth of the Bible. Is that true, and if not, what sources can I go to to prove him wrong and the Bible right?

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