Monday, August 10, 2009

Tom Answers A Baptist at his Door

by Steve Ray on August 10, 2009

Tom Perna picked me up from the airport last week when I came to speak twice at Franciscan University’s Defending the Faith Conference. Tom is a student there. Recently a Baptist knocked on his door and he had some conversations.

He has just posted the blogs relating the encounter. You can read them here if you are interested. Tom wrote to me, “I am really enjoying defending the faith! I think I might have found what I want to do when I graduate from FUS. However, I want to study more scripture too!”


2214695810069705609QCoBRF_fsDearborn Michigan, USA — Twenty miles from my house: A young Arab Christian visits the Arab Cultural Fair and tries to ask a question at a Muslim booth. Dearborn has the highest concentration of Arabs and Muslims in the United States, though many of the Arabs are not Muslims.

(Picture: Mosque in Dearborn MI, largest in the USA)

The video below gives some indication what Islam is really like and how things are if Islamic Sharia Law (here and here and here) is ever allowed. Sharia Law is one of the three most prominent forms of law in the world today.

When Sharia Law is in full force in Islamic countries, non-Muslims have three choices: 1) convert, 2) become 2nd class citizens and pay a crippling tax, or 3) be executed. Of course the politically-correct media won’t tell you this.

While the West is collapsing under moral apathy and politically-correct complancency, the world of Islam is rising! Christians in Muslim countries around the world know this all too well — as America sleeps.

Here is a video of a young Arab man attempting to ask a question about Islam.

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