Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Resistant American Nuns, no surprise, eh?

by Steve Ray on November 25, 2009

American nuns mount ‘almost universal resistance’ to Vatican inquiry

Many leaders of women’s religious orders in the US are refusing to answer questions submitted to them as part of the Vatican’s apostolic investigation, the National Catholic Reporter reveals. One informed source told the Reporter that only about 1% of the religious contacted had responded by a November 20 deadline to the questions submitted by Mother Mary Clare Millea, who is leading the Vatican inquiry. Another source quoted anonymously in the Reporter’s account boasted of “almost universal resistance” to the Vatican.

Frankly, this report, if it is accurate, which I have no doubt it is, provides a graphic illustration of where most of the religious women stand today in regard to orthodoxy and the Catholic Church. Recently I was in a convent for a conference and visited the bookstore run by the sisters — almost 90% of the books had to do with Eastern mysticism, feminism, or books promoting dissidence. Used to be the Religious Orders were obedient to the Church. What now? Seems there is a reason for the Vatican to investigate.

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