Resistant American Nuns, no surprise, eh?

by Steve Ray on November 25, 2009

American nuns mount ‘almost universal resistance’ to Vatican inquiry

Many leaders of women’s religious orders in the US are refusing to answer questions submitted to them as part of the Vatican’s apostolic investigation, the National Catholic Reporter reveals. One informed source told the Reporter that only about 1% of the religious contacted had responded by a November 20 deadline to the questions submitted by Mother Mary Clare Millea, who is leading the Vatican inquiry. Another source quoted anonymously in the Reporter’s account boasted of “almost universal resistance” to the Vatican.

Frankly, this report, if it is accurate, which I have no doubt it is, provides a graphic illustration of where most of the religious women stand today in regard to orthodoxy and the Catholic Church. Recently I was in a convent for a conference and visited the bookstore run by the sisters — almost 90% of the books had to do with Eastern mysticism, feminism, or books promoting dissidence. Used to be the Religious Orders were obedient to the Church. What now? Seems there is a reason for the Vatican to investigate.

See my earlier blog post on this issue. See some real Sisters who are faithful to the Church here and here.

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Sue from Buffalo November 25, 2009 at 10:19 PM

About time they were investigated then. Clean them out if they’re not going to be obedient.

Brother Ed November 25, 2009 at 10:57 PM

I hope the tide is turning in the way that our Church leaders deal with the apostates, heretics, and just general rotten eggs in the Church who are leading souls astray. It seems that for a terribly long time, there has been a kind of inertia in dealing with these people.

Power is only power if you can enforce what you say. The princes of our Church need to start taking strong and bold steps (and some of them have, such as Bishop Tobin!) to clean up messes like this. I hope somewhere down the line, the theme becomes “Don’t want to obey? Fine. Turn in your collar and go elsewhere to practice your rebellion. We are done putting up with this. If you are going to be a Catholic, you are expected to act, think, and most of all, obey like a Catholic!”

Kathryn Schutz November 25, 2009 at 11:12 PM

The Catholic “Orthodox” American Nuns are out there, so don’t despair, but many have been methodically targeted and sidelined by the unorthodox ones in power. I’ve seen this at work in Theology Departments who weeded out the Orthodox and favored those who could be mis-molded. You find the Catholic Orthodox among Consecrated Virgins, Consecrated Widows (& Widowers), Consecrated Hermits, and in a few fast-growing orthodox orders and many living with private vows enduring ridicule from priests. What we need to do is return once again to reading lives of the Saints who refused to cave to errors, and to teach this to the children, seminarians, novitiates: BE “ORTHODOX” EVEN IF IT COSTS YOU YOUR LIFE AND PUBLIC RECOGNITION OF YOUR VOCATION — but don’t let the loudmouths foist on you a twisted tortured revised version of traditionalist orthodox lacking in charity and justice, mercy and love.

Pete November 26, 2009 at 5:50 AM

I was taught by pre-VCII Sisters of St. Joseph of Cincinnati. They were all straight down the line. The order still exists but has transmogrified into a New Age cult blaming its decline on VCII not its own flawed base.

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