Courageous Priest? Yes! Cowardly Bishop!

by Steve Ray on March 3, 2010


Dutch parish withholds Communion to avoid gay disruption
A Dutch Catholic priest chose not to distribute Communion to the congregation, apparently fearing desecration, as hundreds of homosexual activists crowded into a parish church in Den Bosch. The demonstrators were protesting the church’s decision to deny Communion to a prominent local homosexual.


Dutch homosexuals call off disruptions as parish backs down on Communion
Militant homosexuals in the Netherlands have called off plans to disrupt worship at a Catholic parish in Den Bosch, after receiving assurances that the parish would not deny Communion to open homosexuals.


Dutch Catholics protest parish compromise with gay activists
Dutch Catholics are organizing a petition drive in support of a parish priest who refused to distribute Communion to homosexual activists, and criticizing the bishop who apparently pressured the priest to compromise his position. The petition, organized by the magazine Catholica praises the pastor, Father Luc Buyen, but laments that he “has been attacked by homosexuals and then left in the cold by his own Church.” The protest criticizes Bishop Antonius Hurkmans of Den Bosch, who said that everyone should be admitted to Communion, on the assumption that the faithful are responsible for examining their own consciences before doing so. That statement prompted homosexual activists to lift their call for demonstrations at the parish, where scores of protestors– some wearing fright wigs– had attended Mass last Sunday, preparing to present themselves for Communion in defiance of the priest’s directive.

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Brother Ed March 4, 2010 at 4:37 PM

Perhaps the priest might have been helped in his courage if he knew that the minute the homosexuals started acting up, the parishioners would have taken matters into their hands to protect our Lord in the Eucharist.

I’ve just about had it with “charity” for these kinds of people. Methinks if they want to enter our parishes and start a warfare, we should be ready to accommodate them with whatever force necessary to send them back outside.

bill912 March 6, 2010 at 7:40 PM

“…everyone should be admitted to communion…”

Isn’t that sort of like spiritual adultery?

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