Monday, March 15, 2010

040908_kerry_communion_bcol.standardNote for Canon Law Blog Subscribers (as posted by my friend and Canon Lawyer, Ed Peters:

Serious discussion of Canon 915 requires access to key documents on the law and awareness of the positions taken thereon by qualified commentators. I have developed a webpage for those who wish to understand, and perhaps contribute to, the discussions on the application of Canon 915 in the life of the Church. I will try to update the page as feasible.

(Picture: Pro-abort Senator John Kerry receiving communion)

See my Resources for Understanding and Applying Canon 915.

Canon law blog offers resources on denial of Communion
In the Code of Canon Law, #915 sets out the circumstances under which Catholics “are not to be admitted” to receive Communion. In light of the frequent debates about the reception of Communion by public figures who oppose Church teachings on key moral issues, canon lawyer Edward Peters has put together a site offering resources to help the public understand the legislation and the circumstances when it should be applied.

The actual text is: Can. 915 Those upon whom the penalty of excommunication or interdict has been imposed or declared, and others who obstinately persist in manifest grave sin, are not to be admitted to holy communion.

Archbishops Dolan and Listecki on holy Communion for pro-aborts

Archbishops Dolan of New York and Listecki of Milwaukee recently came under fire for comments they made seeming to express reluctance to withhold holy Communion from Catholic politicians under various conditions. Particularly in open-forum comment boxes (always to be taken with shovel-fulls of salt, those!), there’s a lot of sky-is-falling carping against the prelates for shirking their duties, abandoning babies, betraying Pope Benedict, and so on. Hogwash.

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Catholic Answers Live in Monday

by Steve Ray on March 15, 2010

IMG_1854On Monday I had a BLAST answering questions from non-Catholics on Catholic Answers Live. the host Patrick Coffin said it was one of the fasted segments he has ever done! I agree!

MP3 Link to the show in the audio archive.

I love these shows since they are always lively and heartfelt. Questioners always have great questions.

Questions I answered tonight on Catholic Answers Live:
– I don’t deny the existence of God but how can we consider God to exist and be loving with the problems and suffering in the world?
– Is there ever a time with the “sense of the faithful” (sensus fidelium) could effect the Church’s stand on women’s ordination?
– As am probably an agnostic, how do you think we initially come to truth [philosophically]? Where do we begin to know truth exists and how to understand it if it does?
– Why do Catholics pray to entities other than God himself?
– How can you say God is loving when he commanded the annihilation of whole nations and has the curse of a father go on to the fifth generation?
– I believe the Pope is the anti-Christ and the Church the Whore of Babylon; where do you draw the line to where you consider someone an “anti-Catholic”?
– You Catholics believe you are saved by works?
– Please explain where you find Purgatory in the Bible?

Click here for instant listening. For more info, to listen on-line, or to find listening options after the fact, click here. You can listen to all my past Questions from Non-Catholics I’ve done, along with all my other 50+ appearances on Catholic Answers Live you can do a search on their Radio Archive page.


Pope Under Attack

March 15, 2010

Vatican answers critics on abuse Pounded by stories in the European media about the sex-abuse scandal that is exploding across the continent, the Vatican released an unusual statement on Saturday, March 13, defending Church policies and refuting stories that had sought to link Pope Benedict XVI directly to the scandal. Today there are thousands […]

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Call to Stop Abortion in the Health Care Bill

March 15, 2010

Peace be with you! As you have probably heard, there is a great effort underway in Washington DC to have the House pass the Senate version of the health care reform bill by the end of this week. As explained on the website of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB), the Senate version […]

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