Monday, March 22, 2010

Pilgrimage to Toledo Ohio a Great Success!

by Steve Ray on March 22, 2010

IMG_6649On Saturday, Janet and I, together with Corporate Travel and Ave Maria Radio, put on a wonderful one day pilgrimage to see the beautiful churches of Toledo and to meet Bishop Blair.

We visited the Church of the Immaculate Conception, St. Patrick’s Catholic Church, St. Stephen of Hungary Catholic Church and then, after lunch the Cathedral — Our Lady Queen of the Most Holy Rosary. I can’t even begin to describe the beauty, elegance and Scriptural eloquence of this church.

(Click on pictures for larger images.)

photoWe had two completely full buses with a waiting list. We had lunch at the famous (and fun) Tony Packos Restaurant. We ended with Mass at the Most Holy Rosary Cathedral.

I (Steve Ray) gave a talk on Mary on each bus and so did Al Kresta, CEO of Ave Maria Radio and host of the Kresta in the Afternoon.

Carmen and Diana were our exceptional escorts who kept everything organized, professional, and punctual.

IMG_6619We are planning more of these local pilgrimages so keep an eye on our pilgrimage website at

Our next one will probably be to the Shrine of the Cross in the Woods in Indian River, Michigan on September 14th — the Feast of the Exultation of the Cross. This is the world’s largest crucifix. This will be during the turning of colors of the trees in northern Michigan — so a beautiful trip!’

I am still trying to find time to turn my pictures and video clips into a YouTube video to share with everyone here on my blog so stay tuned.

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Newt Gingrich was a Baptist — but last year converted to the Catholic Church. I like his perspective on the Health Care Vote. You can read his article here.


States line up to file suit against ObamaCare
Stupak shoots down pro-life amendment
Archbishop rips CHA for supporting health bill
Poll: 1/3 of doctors may quit if bill passes
Peggy Noonan: Obama an embarrassment

Archbishop Chaput denounces Catholic groups that supported Senate bill
Denver’s Archbishop Charles Chaput has charged that the political actions of groups like Catholics United– and, even more seriously, the Catholic Health Association– did serious damage to the pro-life cause by supporting the Senate version of the health-care reform bill, which allowed for funding of abortions. The legislation, he said, “remains unethical and defective on all of the issues pressed by the U.S. bishops and prolife groups for the past seven months.”

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How Did YOUR Congressman Vote?

by Steve Ray on March 22, 2010

stupak obamaYou might want to check on how your congressman voted on the Health-care bill (the Senate bill which passed the House last night).

Remember how they voted as you prepare for the elections in November!

And remember that the Stupak (picture of the crony Stupak making his pro-abort boss smile big) compromise is a phony compromise which will almost certainly be overturned by the courts, thus allowing our tax money to pay for abortions (and all the other bad policies in this bill).

He was playing games and grandstanding and now he needs to pay for his betrayal.

This link shows how our congressmen voted:

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The Ripe Fruit of Islam again seen in Pakistan

March 22, 2010

“Pakistan: rape and torture are penalty for Christians’ failure to renounce faith In a brutal display of Islamic extremism, a Pakistani Christian who refused to renounce his faith was set on fire by Muslim militants. When police arrived on the scene, rather than helping the man, they raped his wife while the couple’s children […]

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