Our Flight Home from Israel Canceled

by Steve Ray on April 16, 2010

UPDATE: After 15.5 hours in the air on two flights, we are almost home!

w-iceland-volcano-RTR2CT8HUPDATE – SATURDAY, 4/17/10: We are now boarding our alternate flight home. Glad to have a flight direct to Atlanta and avoiding the lava cloud.

There is a huge volcano in Iceland spewing a unbelievable plume of volcanic ash into the air. It has canceled thousands of flights as European airports are shut down. We were to leave Israel tonight, via Amsterdam, but our flight was canceled since the huge Amsterdam airport is completely shut down.

(Pictures: Volcanic plume above the clouds over Iceland.)

APTOPIX Iceland VolcanoWe were lucky to grab a flight on Saturday evening direct from Tel Aviv to Atlanta and then to Detroit. It pays to be Diamond Medallion with Delta — and to have Corporate Travel taking care of your travel arrangements! I especially compliment Kim Bedford for her exceptional efforts!

My question though — why doesn’t Obama pass a law against such things? Doesn’t he know that this will cause more “carbon emissions”, and damage our environment more than all the cars and corporations in the USA will do for years to come? Why has the Obama-Messiah let us down like this?

For more info on this volcano, click here.

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