Abortion & Confession

by Steve Ray on June 3, 2010

Any confessor can absolve penitents of abortion

From time to time I am asked whether priests need special faculties to absolve penitents in abortion cases. Although the 1983 Code, in contrast to the 1917 Code, requires no special confessional faculties in abortion cases — and therefore any priest authorized to hear confessions can absolve from the sin of abortion and from the automatic censure attached to it — confusion on this point apparently persists. So let’s address it.

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Suzanne Calvano June 3, 2010 at 8:40 AM

Thanks for posting this. A friend of my sister’s knew of a woman who went to Confession and confessed her abortion, only to be told by the priest she could never be absolved of that because abortion is murder and murder can never be forgiven! Take a guess as to whether that woman ever went back to Confession or to church again for that matter. I was horrified when my sister told me that story. I don’t know this woman, but I know other women who have suffered the pain of abortion and have tried to find healing and reconciliation. It is not an easy thing to go to Confession and ask for forgiveness for something like that. It takes a lot of faith and courage. I feel terribly for this woman that a priest would say such a thing to her. I can only hope that some way, somehow, she will be open to hearing the truth from faithful Catholics and priests. It is a very sad for me to know this happened to this woman. People need to be educated on this (and apparently some priests too!).

Thanks and God bless you. Enjoy the new group in Israel. Tell Dee I said hello (I know she won’t remember me, but I remember her with us last March; she was great at keeping all of us together!).


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