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by Steve Ray on June 22, 2010

I was the second guest on Catholic Answers Live at 7 PM Eastern answering Questions from Non-Catholics. We had some great questions and the first one went on for 35 minutes since it was very intense though friendly.

The question was “How can you claim the Roman Catholic Church is the one true church when so many others claim that as well?” It also got into the issue of authority, where we got the Bible, and many other interesting and often aggressive give and take.

Other questions on the show were:

1) My husband was baptized Catholic, divorced and then married me. Why did the Church insist on an annulment (which we did not get)?

2) Why do you use the word “convert” to explain your joining the Catholic Church when you already believed many of the same things?

3) If the New Testament says we are all priests, why do we need Catholic priests?

And more….

To listen on line, click here. To see other listening options, click here.

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jmctigret June 22, 2010 at 8:05 PM

I just listen to that show right now and I think that guy has major misunderstanding of the Catholic Faith and church history.

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