Raising Rebels on Catholic Answers Live

by Steve Ray on July 23, 2010

IMG_0886Our topic was “Raising Rebels, Bringing up Kids in a Pagan World” — how to direct our kids to fight against sin, unchastity and the Culture of Death. You can listen to the archived show here. For other listening options (like MP3) here.

Questions answered:

1) Are there any interactive websites for computers and handhelds that are for children that will help educate my kids in the Catholic Faith?

2) If we made mistakes raising our children, what can we do now to challenge them to live a fulfulled Christian life?

3) What do you do when a child goes against everything you’ve taught them and move in with their boyfriend?

And many more like that.

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Kathryn Rees July 23, 2010 at 7:32 PM

Good to hear you on Catholic Answers today, Steve. In direct response to the mother asking about appropriate websites for kids, I highly recommend Yoursphere.com. This is a safety first site strictly for kids to specifically give them a wholesome, fun, and age-appropriate on-line experience. While Yoursphere.com is not specifically Catholic site, its founders are Catholics intent upon changing the culture by providing kids the safest possible cyber experience with positive content as an alternative to places like Facebook and My Space. No “creepers”, adults, or cyberbullying allowed. Just over a year ago, there were articles in both the “National Catholic Register” and “Zenit” about Yoursphere, plus the founder, Mary Kay Hoal, is frequently in the media as an internet safety expert. She also has a blog for parents. Kids learn constructive social networking etiquette. Hope this helps.

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