Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Graphic Stoning of Young Girl by Muslims

by Steve Ray on August 17, 2010

screen-captureUPDATE: Looks like they took the unedited version off the internet, but here is a sanitized version at CNN. If the original is still available, you can see it here


This is graphic and sick but is further proof that Islam is at heart an evil religion. Notice the cell phones taking pictures of the stoning!

This is a very graphic and disgusting film, a horror, of the execution by stoning of a young Muslim girl by her own Muslim community. She had refused to marry the old man her father had picked for her husband.

She was taken to court and sentenced to death by stoning under Shari Law. This is a common occurrence in most Muslim countries.

Our press very rarely reports it. Why would that be? Where are the feminists, the human rights people, the U.N.? Why doesn’t anyone in the administration including our president, say or do something? Probably because he is so busy expressing his admiration for the “peace loving” Muslims and promoting a Mosque at Ground Zero.

If you click on this link (STONING) or the image to right, you will see the graphic and painful movie. Don’t click unless you are prepared. This is not a rarity — visit YouTube and search of stoning, execution or similar items to find out how common this really is among Muslims. CNN’s report and video can be seen here.

Oh, you might say, “why the over-reaction? This is in some backwater area of Iraq.” Really? It is an ever increasing occurrence in the USA too, and other Western countries. One happened in London while we were there but the killers got the wrong address and killed a whole family by mistake!

Click here for a news report on the ever increasing number of cases of honor killings in the USA. Why are people afraid to criticize Islam, a religion that fosters such horrors. It is not a aberration, rather, it is the ripe fruit of Islam and Sharia Law.