Sunday, August 22, 2010

The new iPhone 4 has the ability to make movies using a new app called iMovie. It is pretty easy to use and I thought I would experiment while sitting for over three hours flying home from Seattle. This is the result. Not perfect but I am learning.I will be more aware of the pictures and videos I take with the iPhone knowing now what I need to make a better movie.

You will see a handsome young man named Isaac in this video. He was an exceptional young man who came right up to me, looked me in the eyes and said, “My name is Isaac and I want to be an apologist like you!” I was very impressed with his manner, his forthrightness and his intelligence. He also, along with his whole family, had a palpable love for Jesus and the Church.

So you will see a brief segment where he states his name and says “and I want to be an apologist.” There were a good number of very impressive young folks at this conference. Watch out world, there is a new generation on the horizon that will rock the world with their love for Jesus and his Church. They will fact tough times I think, but the Lord will bless and prepare them to be lights in the darkness.

Hope you don’t mind my little experiment with technology.


Catholic Conference and Run in Anacortes Washington

by Steve Ray on August 22, 2010

IMG_0945I will add more about the conference when I get home. I had a great time with all these wonderful Catholics in the upper NW of Washington State. I ran in the Washington State Park which you can see here.

You can also see a few pictures and videos of the Faith on Fire Conference where I had the privilege of sharing the microphone with Tim Staples and Sister Miriam (a wonderful and eloquent SOLT nun). You can see more at I will try to add more when I get home.

To see the map and pictures of my run thru the wilderness, click here Just posted a new Running trip, “2010-08-22 Washington State Park”, to @EveryTrail. Check it out here:



Comment from a participant at the conference:

Thank you for sharing your time, stories, and wisdom with all of us, Steve!  The Holy Spirit was rocking Anacortes this weekend.  We all felt it.  You were central to that – what a blessing.  I hope you’re now enjoying your family back home…let them know that we appreciate their willingness to share you with all of us here.

Oh, and the slugs you photographed are banana slugs (some have irregular black spots)…native to these parts, and wonderful help if you brush up against stinging nettles…the slime works wonders if you can get over the idea that a slug is crawling on you : )  Glad you found the park.

Thanks again for being part of Faith on Fire!

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