Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Fr. Spitzer Debates Atheism on Larry King

by Steve Ray on October 5, 2010


On September 10, Fr. Spitzer was invited to appear on Larry King Live to provide an opposing viewpoint to the claim put forth in Stephen Hawking’s latest controversial work, The Grand Design, that “no God is required” to explain the creation of the universe. (Click image for article and video)

Dr. Hawking appeared earlier in the same program, while Fr. Spitzer, Hawking’s coauthor Leonard Mlodinow, and writer Deepak Chopra were invited to debate the topic, “Did God Create the Universe?”

A video of that portion of the show is embedded below. If you’re primarily interested in seeing Fr. Spitzer’s comments, you can find them at the very start of the video and at 4:53 … 9:30 … 12:40 … 17:01 … 19:50 … and 22:28. Placing your cursor over the black box at the bottom of the video frame will bring the scroll bar into view.


For Jimmy Akin on this issue, visit Part I and Part II.

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Obama’s Christianity Disconnect

by Steve Ray on October 5, 2010

200Obama moved by Jesus, Abortion
President says Christ is behind his public policy

President Obama invoked the teachings of Christ last week as the inspiration for his public agenda, which he called part of an “effort to express my Christian faith,” and in his next breath defended the legalized killing of unborn children. Read more.

Obama omits “Creator” again in Declaration.

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