Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Catholic Answers Live – “Are You Saved?”

by Steve Ray on October 6, 2010

Tonight I was on Catholic Answers Live. The topic was “Brother, Are You Saved?” Listen at For more info, click here. The link to listen to the archived show on line is here.

One comment on my page:
“Good stuff on CA’s. But Steve….I don’t know how you do it. If I hear one more Protestant claim a patent on the blood of Christ, I’m gonna spit…….it’s time to stop the madness of accepting man made traditions such as “faith alone”, and start actually reading the scriptures……ALL OF THEM.”

sray_crossingtiber_lgHere are the questions I answered in this episode of Catholic Answers Live. It was a very lively discussion with some argument, some disagreement but also charity and honest discussion. It was fun! We are talking about “Brother, Are you Saved?” Part II.

Questions answered tonight on Catholic Answers Live

– How do you justify or explain the Bread of Life Discourse, that we much eat the Flesh and Blood of Jesus to have eternal life? If this is true, how can a non-Catholic Christian get to heaven?

– Can anyone know for sure they are saved?

– Arthur said, “I know I am saved because I truly repented of my sins, and because Jesus died for me and compels me to live a holy life. What do you think?

– I rejected the Catholic Church as I was growing up and now I am starting to read the Bible again but find things hard to understand and accept. Can you offer any help?

– Did you have a conversion experience before you became Catholic? How do you explain it and do you think you were saved?

– How did the Old Testament covenants work? How were people saved in the Old Testament before the coming of Jesus Christ?

– How can you say works are involved when we are saved by faith. Do you put too much emphasis on works?


At one point I quoted from page 100 of my book Crossing the Tiber where I provided a list of items necessary for salvation. Below is a copy of that page. To buy the book, visit here.