Friday, October 15, 2010

“This is what Islam teaches you?”

by Steve Ray on October 15, 2010

7bb0d8694a928f2c06ee7a3e6795.jpegNot to long ago I was shopping with my wife. A Muslim woman was in front of us in line and arguing with the cashier. I knew she was Muslim because of the hijab around her head. I waited patiently.

The cashier said, “The store says only one per customer.” The woman argued, “I want 21 so give them to me!” The cashier repeated, “I don’t make the rules, I just have to abide by them. The store says the sale is only one per customer.”

The Muslim woman started yelling at the clerk. She went on and on. Finally I said, “Lady, just follow the rules!” She turned on me like a viper and said, “It is none of your business.” I said, “Yes it is because I am stuck here waiting for you since you don’t want to follow the simple rules of the store.”

She said, “F**k you!” I was surprised and so was everyone else standing around. So I said loudly, “Oh, is this what Mohammed teaches you? Is this what we learn from Islam?”

She quickly bought her one item and exited the store. Now I am not inclined to confront people like this for no reason, but Americans have become so cowardly and politically correct that we fear ever saying what we think. We cower in fear that a Muslim or a rude person, or potty mouth might not like us or might yell at us.

Well, the heck with that. I gave up political correctness long ago. I despise the cowardice and stupidity of political correctness and letting wrongheaded ideas and bullies rule the world. We should not insult people, we should respect people, we should love people, but we should also be honest and live in the real world.

All it takes for evil to conquer is for a few good men and women to say and do nothing.


P1050072Fifty excited pilgrimages on my bus through the Holy Land. Started with Mass at the place where Jesus taught the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5-7) with the Sea of Galilee below us. Fr. Tom DeSimone celebrated a reverent Mass with an exhilarating homily.

Then to the place where Jesus multiplied the loaves and fish — and YES, it was really a miracle and not just teaching selfish people to share. Read my article on that topic here.

Then to the Primacy of Peter where Jesus met the disciples after his resurrection and made them breakfast on a charcoal fire. We all saw the rock where he fed them and waded in the sea.

After that we ate St. Peter’s Fish then drove to the mountain of Transfiguration. Amer and I each gave a talk about the Church and the Transfiguration before we headed back to the hotel to give every one the late afternoon and evening free to swim in the Sea of Galilee, to pray or rest. All is going very well.