Saturday, October 23, 2010

How Many Biblical Sites can you Visit in One Run?

by Steve Ray on October 23, 2010


Just uploaded a Running trip to EveryTrail. Click the link below to check it out

How many biblical sites can you fit into one run? What is it like to run through hell and back?
Today I tried to hit as many Bible places and interesting sites as I could around Jerusalem. I have over 70 pictures and three videos attached. Boy, did I earn my lunch! Enjoy!




Pilgrimage Day 1: Arrival and Mass at St. Peter’s

by Steve Ray on October 23, 2010

All the pilgrims arrived safely. Great group. Half are at Ron Beach and half are at Scots Hotel. Mass at St. Peter’s on the shore of Galilee. All is well and everything is going great.

Tomorrow the Mount of Transfiguration, Cana for renewal of wedding vows and Mass at the Grotto of Annunciation in Nazareth.