Sunday, October 24, 2010


Zoom into Israel – Cool site!

by Steve Ray on October 24, 2010

IsraelMap.jpgSince we are now here with our group, I thought you might like to take a virtual tour of Jerusalem’s Old City. I run around the walls of the city almost every day.

This is a wonderful website where you can click on various “pinpoints” and see the sites in Jerusalem. This is a great source to learn to learn about the many sites available for viewing in the Holy City.

We visit many of these sites during our pilgrimages. Click here to begin the discovery.

Join us in February, April or May as we visit most of these places. Check out our Pilgrimage website at

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I get this question every day. We have finished 7 out of the projected 10. You can see and purchase our finished documentaries here. They make great Christmas presents, by the way.

We are currently working on budgets and hoping to get the funding from Ignatius Press to begin the next one in 2012. Still working, praying, waiting, hoping . . .

The next one will be entitled ABRAHAM, FATHER OF FAITH AND WORKS. It will be shot in Iraq, Turkey and Israel.

If you know anyone that wants to make a sizeable donation to help this along, let me know.


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