Fifteen Talks in Three Days – in 90+ degrees

by Steve Ray on January 24, 2011

Today I completed my talks in Goa India. Archbishop Philip Neri was there for all three days. I was speaking for five times a day for three days. They were 14 hour days. I love serving Jesus and his Church.

For the first two days I spoke to lay people and the group was way over 2,000 sitting in heat for the whole day!

Today (Monday) I spoke only to religious: priests, sisters and seminarians. There were over 500 in attendance. I spoke to them from 10 AM -5 PM. They were beautiful, devote, spiritual and enthusiastic bunch of Catholics – the spiritual leaders of the whole Archdiocese of Goa!

What a day! Tomorrow we head back to Bombay for 6 more days of talks, then on to Egypt and Jordan and Israel. Please pray for us!

(Picture below: the priests and religious and seminarians of Goa!)


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Jeff January 25, 2011 at 1:41 AM

Thanx for rocking us!!!!!!

Anthony Lobo January 26, 2011 at 1:38 AM

I attended the 2 days talk you had for us in Goa. I must tell you that it was an amazing experience, I learnt a lot and fill charged up in being the Lord’s messenger. I thank God for you and your wife’s conversion. Never in my life did I ever hear people talk so openly and speak from their heart about their catholic faith.

I feel all catholics especially the priest and all the religious should have also been there for these two days. If they couldn’t make it because of silly excuses then I think they’ve missed a once in life time opportunity.

You might be surprised why priest/religious (for these two days talk) too, even though they had a one day talk. That’s because on a very sad note that they (priests/religious) often miss guide on such crucial issues e.g. New Age (yoga), the liturgy, faith, ecumenism, inter-religious dialogue, etc. To illustrate, yoga, these same priests (most of them) actually practise and advice people do it. I in fact spoke to one priest that it wasn’t right for us Catholic’s to do it because its contrary to our faith but he simply said the Vatican has made a mistake. I feel sometimes the church in Goa is trying to be detached from the Vatican doing what they like.

I have really lots to say with regard to the situation here. I am sure your talk for them will have made a difference. I always pray for our priests that they may change.

Hopefully in the near future you’ll make another trip and enrich us more especially our pastors.

God bless you both.

Jude L. Fernandes January 26, 2011 at 7:20 AM

I had watched Steve on EWTN and so I was most delighted to watch him in my own home state — Goa. Steve has done a great job all through out — he sure is on fire for Jesus! May God bless Steve as he labours in the Lord’s vineyard!

I hope I get a chance to hear him again!

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