Two New Adventures: Jericho & Hebron

by Steve Ray on February 15, 2011

I am soon posting two new videos sharing our adventures in the Holy Land. I don’t do this for the fun of it but to help others understand, love and enjoy the land of God through video.

There is a need for people to know the the Bible and the Catholic faith are not a myth — like saying, “Once upon a time in a land far away in the land of fairies and elves…” NO, the Bible and the Catholic Church are ROOTED IN HISTORY. I can take you to the places where it all happened. We can walk in the footprints of God.

We can smell what Jesus smelled, see what he saw. We can see the tombs of the patriarchs, apostles and saints. What we believe is verifiable in space and time, in history and science.

So, below I have added two more adventures.

First, my hike through the Wadi Qelt from Jericho toward Jerusalem. It is the wilderness where Jesus was tempted by the Devil, the paths he walked between Jerusalem and Jericho, and the wilderness where early hermits lived in caves AND still do! You can imagine walking with Jesus through the wilderness.

Second, Janet and I went to Hebron to see the hometown of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. It is also the place where Jesus was first made the king. We also  visited the Jewish settlement and prayed at the tombs of Jesse and Ruth. We then went into the Machpelah which is the tomb of the patriarchs  (Abraham, Isaac and Jacob) and the matriarchs (Sarah, Rebecca and Leah).

This tomb is divided into two ends: one a Muslim mosque and the other a Jewish synagogue. Talk about tense! Today was celebrated as the birthday of Mohammed and we went into the mosque first (you’ll find the video very interesting) and then into the synagogue.

Finally we went to the Oaks of Mamre where Abraham lived. Here he was visited by the Trinity (Genesis 18) before they sent down fire on Sodom. Here is an ancient oak tree claimed to be the oak that Abraham sat under. We got acorns from the great-great grandchildren oaks which are growing nearby today.

Jericho video below; Hebron video will be added above soon.

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