Monday, March 21, 2011

Fr. Corapi Accused

by Steve Ray on March 21, 2011

UPDATE 4/6/11  Info on Santa Cruz Media and latest update here

National Catholic Register’s article dated April 10

Recent Press Release from Santa Cruz Media, the owner of rights Fr. Corapi’s products. Read it here.

EWTN’s Latest Comments

mark Shea’s astute comments

http://Jimmy Akin’s Summary and Analysis

What We Know and Don’t Know to Date

Latest News by National Catholic Register


Mark Shea’s Comments

It’s difficult to excerpt, but it should be read.

Julie at Happy Catholic on both Fr. Corapi and Archbishop Dolan

Pat Archbold has the statement from Corapi’s superior

Also writing:
Lisa Graas

Michael Sean Winters

accused, Fr. Corapi’s website announcement

See also

I also heard from a reliable source he’s been suspended from EWTN pending investigation.

another page with thoughts

Fumare as mentioned I above article

Added section on Wikipedia: “On March 18, 2011, Corapi was placed on administrative leave by his religious superior, Fr. Gerald Sheehan pending investigation of claims by a former employee that he had been in a relationship with her and is a drug addict. Corapi denied the allegations as false and said the process is flawed. Sheehan issued a statement emphasizing that the suspension “in no way implies Father Corapi is guilty of the allegation.”


At Geronimo’s Grave

by Steve Ray on March 21, 2011

At Geronimo’s grave in Fort Sill Oklahoma. He was always a childhood hero of mine. When I galloped around the woods and fields on my horse as a kid I always pretended I was Geronimo!

Thanks to Fr. Fukes, military chaplain here, I got a tour of Fort Sills and got to visit the graves of the Apaches brought here as prisoners to Oklahoma. I was interested to see Christian crosses on their tombstones.

Geronimo converted to Christianity. His nickname “Geronimo” came from the Mexicans who called out in prayer to St. Jerome (Geronimo) when battling against him.

More on him later. I am Lawton Oklahoma giving a parish mission and speaking at the Catholic school. Great folks here at Holy Family parish –a beautiful church to.


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