Obama’s Words Come Back to Bite Him

by Steve Ray on April 11, 2011


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Tom N April 12, 2011 at 7:16 AM

Hi Steve,
Funny how for most democrats/0bama followers, it’s OK to protest things that George W. Bush did, and call them ‘stupid’,’wasteful’,’unneccessary’,’unconstitutional’, etc., but as soon as 0bama does the exact same thing, it’s called ‘brilliant’,’necessary’,’wise’, etc. Didn’t Jesus warn us of hypocracy? Maybe it’s not hypocracy, and I don’t want to judge, maybe it’s just that 0bama knows more now than he did before and is slowly coming to the conclusion that not everything Bush did was bad, maybe it was actually the right thing to do (not necessarily refering to raising the debt ceiling, mostly WOT stuff)…. Not holding my breath tho…
Stay safe in Israel!

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