Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Tale of Two Wieners

by Steve Ray on June 8, 2011

What if Congressman Wiener were Fr. Wiener? Read HERE


Are You Celebrating Gay Pride Month?

by Steve Ray on June 8, 2011

20090519_gayforobama_560x375If not, why not? Obama has declared June as Gay Pride Month.

Therefore as an American (if indeed you are one), your nation is including you in a celebration — celebrating the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, trans-gender lifestyle!

Hey Obama, I object!! I want to opt out of your perverted declaration.

Not only opt out — I want to protest! So this is my protest. Obama, I resent you for working to destroy the moral fabric of America.

gay_obamaIf you want to celebrate perversion — do so on your own time. DO NOT make it an American celebration.

You have NO RIGHT to include me and my family in such a despicable declaration.

I long for the day when you are no longer in the news. I look forward to the day when dignity and honor, morality and intelligence, experience and humility are returned to the White House.

I long for the day you can no longer assume to speak for me and my family. Your arrogance and inexperience cannot disappear fast enough for me. I pray for the day you can no longer work to destroy our country.

Not THAT is something we will all celebrate!