Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Romney ProLife?

by Steve Ray on June 21, 2011

mittromneycartoonRomney refuses to sign ProLife pledge.

He was pro-abortion, which is OK as a Mormon it seems.

Now he is Pro-LIfe, supposedly.

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Not knowing much about MItt Romney, to be honest, do you think the cartoon to the right is fair?


Favorite Photos I’ve Taken Around the World

by Steve Ray on June 21, 2011

20110621-012233.jpgOver the next few weeks I’m going to post some of my favorite photos. I have over 100,000 digital pictures and videos I’ve taken over the years in about fifty countries.

Please feel free to use them for personal use. I hope you enjoy them.

My first is a photo I took several years ago at the Shrine of the Cross in the Woods – the largest crucifix in the world. It is in Indian River Michigan.

I love the way the Lord Jesus looked down at me with the rays from heaven pouring down on Him.

I will update a hi-res photo when I get home Thursday.

Watch for more pictures in the weeks ahead.

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Updates on Corapi

by Steve Ray on June 21, 2011

New twist: The accuser who Fr. Corapi is threatening to play audio of and whose claimed alcoholism he has alleged CLAIMS TO BE HIS GODDAUGHTER, WHO HE HIMSELF BAPTIZED.

Corapi Unleased – his latest confusion and self-justification on audio HERE

Official SOLT Statement on Fr. Corapi HERE

Al Kresta’s “The Stories Don’t Square” with lots of comments and discussion HERE

Excellent analysis of Corapi’s last “explanation” on the Te Deum BlogHERE

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