Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Strange Relations

by Steve Ray on June 29, 2011

How odd of God to choose the Jew, but odder still are those who love the Jewish God and hate the Jews.


Governor Cuomo offended by Charge of Concubinage

by Steve Ray on June 29, 2011

Change Behavior, not the Word

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Sex & the Empire State


On Catholic Answers Live Today

by Steve Ray on June 29, 2011

screen-captureToday I was on Catholic Answers Live taking questions from non-Catholics. You can view the listening options here. Click HERE to listen to the archived show now.

Questions I Answered:

1) Why does the Catholic Church think it is in charge of Marriage – saying what is or is not valid? Can they make a mistake?

2) If God finds it so important for us to believe in him, why isn’t it easier to find him?

3) Why does the Catholic Church take a stance against homosexuals?

4) Why do Catholic radio and TV stations talk about the Church so much while “Christian” radio and TV talks about Christ?

5) I left the Catholic Church because the priest refused to give me absolution and let me receive the Eucharist. What would it take for me to come even though I don’t want to.


Questions Over Who Can Receive Communion Not Going Away

June 29, 2011

My Friend and Canon Lawyer, Dr. Ed Peters, writes: Questions over Canon 915 are not going away As long as Canon 915 is so widely misunderstood and virtually ignored, neuralgic controversies over the public reception of holy Communion by certain notorious figures are going to keep arising, over, and over, and over again. And not […]

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