On Catholic Answers Live Today

by Steve Ray on June 29, 2011

screen-captureToday I was on Catholic Answers Live taking questions from non-Catholics. You can view the listening options here. Click HERE to listen to the archived show now.

Questions I Answered:

1) Why does the Catholic Church think it is in charge of Marriage – saying what is or is not valid? Can they make a mistake?

2) If God finds it so important for us to believe in him, why isn’t it easier to find him?

3) Why does the Catholic Church take a stance against homosexuals?

4) Why do Catholic radio and TV stations talk about the Church so much while “Christian” radio and TV talks about Christ?

5) I left the Catholic Church because the priest refused to give me absolution and let me receive the Eucharist. What would it take for me to come even though I don’t want to.

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