Thursday, September 1, 2011

Screen Shot 2011-09-02 at 10.48.11 AMOn Friday I filled in for Teresa Tomeo on Catholic Connections in the morning AND will be the guest on Catholic Answers Live in the evening. Lord have mercy!

Both shows are archived at

Catholic Connections: 8:00-10:00 AM Eastern Time
Topics and guests for Catholic Connections 1) Gail Buckley of Catholic Scripture Study International; 2) Jim Owens of Christopher Leadership Course; 3) Andrew Jones who is making Catholic Bible Study software at Logos Bible Software, and 4) Dr. Michael Barber biblical scholar and professor.

Catholic Answers Live: 7:00-8:00 PM Eastern
Topic for Catholic Answers Live is “Keeping Dust Off Your Bible”. I will list the questions I answer on Saturday and next Tuesday will have the link to listen on-line or download as MP3.

Questions I Answered on Catholic Answers Live:

1) How can I find a guide for Old Testament study?
2) What Bible do you recommend?
3) Is there confusion among Protestants because of the many Bible translations?
4) Why were the Gospels written in Greek and not in Aramaic, the language of Jesus and the Jews?
5) Which is better the RSV or the NAB or the Orthodox Study Bible?
6) Are there Bible studies that are more life-application based?
7) With all the Bible commentaries and study books available, doesn’t it just make it as complex as all the traditions around the Mosaic Law?
8) Why is there no text for some verses of the Bible?

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geocentric_model _of_the_UniverseYes, the earth is stationary and the center of the universe. The sun and planets revolve around the earth. And not only that but the earth does not rotate.

All of this is known by “Catholic geocentrics” who deny everything we know from science and proclaim that the Catholic Church infallibly teaches a geocentric universe. Hum!

Wonder if they still think the earth is flat, or the moon is made of green cheese?

One of the main proponents of this lunacy is Bob Sungenis who I once respected as a Catholic biblical apologist. He has also become an anti-Semite. Too bad.

If you are interested in learning more about these fringe elements in the Church here are a few articles: here and here and if you want to read Dave Palm’s multiple articles exposing these unfortunate fallacies, you can read it on his blog here.