Saturday, September 24, 2011

Fr. Pavone and his Bishop – Several Evaluations

by Steve Ray on September 24, 2011

Review comparing other problems with priests and thoughts on Fr. Pavone.

A heartfelt and balanced analysis and review of the situation between Fr. Pavone and his Bishop Zurek. It is entitled “Fr. Pavone and Authentic Freedom.”

You can read it HERE

Another review of the situation on

the Latest by Canon Lawyer . It is entitled “Is John Wesley really the ministerial model Fr. Pavone wants to invoke?”

UPDATE: Al Kresta’s Response to Ed Peters’ Criticism of Radio Interview

Ed Peters’ Response to Al Kresta

Mark Shea’s Fr. pavone Needs to Seriously Back Down

Fr. Pavone and the Alamo

Catholic News Agency Canon Lawyer Evaluates Fr. Ps one’s Case