Saturday, October 15, 2011

It won’t stop with the Gay Agenda. What is next?

The article linked below is saying what I’ve warned for a long time. When one unthinkable activity and sin is allowed there is always another more grotesque moral deviancy lined up in the queue.

What is the next agenda to be forced down our throats by the liberal courts and media? Bestiality (or zoophilia)? Pedophilia? Incest? Polygamy (with any combination of men and women all called “family”)?

read this scary article here.

“Gay” used to be a good word meaning happy and care-free, but now it has been corrupted.

Imagine what will happen to innocent phrases like “puppy love”?

Hang on Christians! We are all in for a horrific ride. We better be teaching our children and grandchildren another word – martyrdom!

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