Monday, October 24, 2011

We visited the Model of Jerusalem and the Temple during the time of Christ. Then to visit the Shrine of the Book to see the Dead Sea Scrolls. Jericho is always marvelous especially when we read the related Bible passages.

Today we went down to the Jordan River to the exact place where Jesus was actually baptized.

That was just the morning! Then we had other adventures like visiting Qumran where John the Baptist probably learned about “baptism”. Then we went to float the laugh in the Dead Sea and to ride camels. Great fun. Enjoy!

Part I

Part II

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Libya’s new leader declared his country’s liberation Sunday and set out plans for the future with an Islamist tone. In a televised address, transitional leader Mustafa Abdul-Jalil declared his nation will adopt Sharia law as the basis of government, and immediately announced the canceling of all bank loans in violation of such law. The announcement may prove a serious setback for the Obama administration, which had promised support for a post-Gadhafi democratic Libya.
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