Friday, January 13, 2012

Jehovah’s Witnesses Came by Today

by Steve Ray on January 13, 2012

A dapper middle-aged man and an older black woman–both very nice, polite and full of smiles. The grandkids saw them coming and said, “Someone’s coming to the door; we don’t know who they are.”

One of their tacky little propoganda pieces

They always come at such inopportune times. I had just finished running and was dripping with sweat. I opened the door before the knocked and greeted them with, “Good morning. Jehovah’s Witnesses I see. I have all of your books in my library.” The nice lady said, “Really? Are you a Jehovah’s Witness?” “No,” I said, ” I am a Catholic evangelist and I study your religion and others so I know how to share the true faith with you.”

They weren’t quite sure what to say so I kept talking, “I am sorry I am such a mess; just finished running 4 1/2 miles and I’m all sweaty otherwise I would invite you in. But I don’t have time to convert you right now; maybe some other time. In two hours I am on my way to Texas to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ.”

She said, “I used to be a Catholic.” I said, “That is too bad. Many Catholics don’t know their truth of their faith and are tricked into leaving for other religions. It does not surprise me you used to be a Catholic.”

They smiled and tried to hand me their Watchtower Magazine entitled “Awake”. I held out my brochure–fair is fair. Knowing they are not allowed to take any material–especially from Catholics or Evangelicals–I said, “I’ll take your’s if you take mine.” She laughed uncomfortably but refused my offer.

Everyone that arrives here knows we are proud Catholics

I said, “I know you are not allowed to take my brochure. The Watchtower will not allow you to take or read any other literature.” No, no,” she laughed nervously again. “Oh yes,” I replied, “I know all about you and you are NOT allowed to touch this brochure I am handing you. I know your religion very well.”

They turned to leave and I politely said good-bye and “left the door open” for them to return. I don’t think they run into homes like ours very often.

Outside our front door are porcelain paintings of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary. I pray that Our Lord and Lady will lead these good-intentioned people back to the truth of the Catholic Faith — because “it is later than they think.”