Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Questions I Answered on Catholic Answers Live

by Steve Ray on January 24, 2012

It was one of my favorite topics: “Through the Lens of Typology.” We started by saying many people will say, “That has to be as boring as watching water boil.”

I countered, “No, it is exciting and rich. It is the Bible coming alive! Seeing it as the Apostles and Jesus did.” I then gave insights as to what it is and many examples. Calls flooded in and we had a great time! To listen click here; to download click here.

St. Augustine said, “The Old Testament is the New concealed; the New Testament is the Old revealed!” And the treasure hunt was on!

I promised to give the link to my article on being “born again by water and Spirit”(water baptism) and how it is all explained beautiful through typology. Here is the link.

Questions I Answered:
1) Does the fact that the Quran and the Book of Mormon do not contain typology from the Old Testament prove that they are not true?
2) In Ezekiel 16 Jerusalem is likened to a baby raised and married who eventually becomes a harlot. How does this represent Mary as the New Jerusalem in typology?
3) Is it reasonable for a person reading Old Testament stories to apply them to their lives today?
4) In Judges 11:29-39 we have the story of Jephthah who offers his daughter as a sacrifice; how should we understand that today?
5) How many generations between Levi and Moses – seems like a lot?
6) Does Leviticus 23 have anything to do with the Mass?
7) In a recent homily we were told that the Wise Men visiting baby Jesus was a myth and was created by the writer to fulfill the prophecy in Jeremiah. Does the Church really teach that?
8) Why did God demand so many animal sacrifices in the Old Testament?