Monday, January 30, 2012

Update on Dr. Scott Hahn 1/30/2012

by Steve Ray on January 30, 2012

“Dr. Scott Hahn: “No longer in stitches: Over a dozen staples come out tomorrow morning. But a slight complication too: an umbilical hernia that may require another surgery. In any case, your prayers are still very much appreciated…”


Love Jesus but Hate Religion; Catchy, but not True

by JesseRay on January 30, 2012

Jesse Ray here: There is a trendy video floating around youtube that tries to drive a wedge between Jesus and Religion. It is stroking the consciences of the weak minded as it attracts increasing millions of views and “likes”. If you have not seen it yet, don’t bother. It is catchy and artistically attractive, but is smells of falsehood as he tries to use the Bible to convince us that Jesus’ mission was to abolish religion.

For those who are have been looking for an appropriate Catholic response to the original video that aims at the empty arguments and knocks them down with style…here it is: Why I Love Jesus AND Religion.


Join us on Day 2 of our pilgrimage to Mount of Transfiguration (Mt. Tabor), Renewal of Wedding Vows in Cana and Mass at the Grotto of Annunciation in Nazareth. I’ve added nice pictures to help appreciate and understand what it was all about.

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