Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Pilgrimage Day 3: Peter: Rock, Keys, Shepherd, Pope

by Steve Ray on January 31, 2012

Check out our video thru Galilee, especially following Peter commissioned as Rock, shepherd and given the keys! Enjoy!


The Black Sheepdog (Corapi) Vanishes

by Steve Ray on January 31, 2012

Readers have been asking for a few months if I knew of any developments in the strange case of Fr. John Corapi, and the truth is, I’m as clueless as they are. After an initial flurry of activity, updates to Father Corapi’s new website, theblacksheepdog.us, became few and far between, and sometime around the first of the year (as Patrick Madrid, I believe, was the first to notice) all of the content was removed from the site. In its place, a single white page remains, with just three lines of text:

Inquiries regarding TheBlackSheepDog.US can be made to:
450 Corporate Dr. Suite 107
Kalispell, MT 59901

Father Corapi’s/The Black Sheep Dog’s official accounts on Twitter and on Facebook have disappeared as well. And here we are, over three weeks after Patrick noted that Father Corapi had “vanishe[d] off the radar screen,” and there’s still no word to be found anywhere about what has happened.

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