Wednesday, July 4, 2012

It is ticking faster than ever in real time. See what YOU owe.

The Supreme Court says Obama has now imposed a NEW and HUGE tax on you with his Obamacare atrocity.

See what your kids owe and how fast it is growing.

Don’t look if you have a weak heart. Click on image below.

Click on this image to see the clock LIVE







This is a tremendous conference dealing with Evangelization in our secular culture. Click on the image above for the full schedule and list of speakers.

Steve Ray will speak three times:

1) Spreading the Gospel Back Then and All Over Again (learning from the first century Christians on how to spread the Good News)

2) Are You Born Again? Are You Saved by Faith Alone? Are You 100% Sure You are Going to Heaven?

3) The Eucharist: Why the Flesh Profits Nothing