Saturday, August 11, 2012

My son Jesse, Anna and their five great kids say "Good-bye"

My son Jesse (who has been an outstanding grandson to my dad) and his family visit dad so the kids could say “Good-bye.” My other children have been hovering over dad too and even spending the nights with him to insure his comfort.

Today he has eaten nothing and has not been responsive. He is sleeping peacefully and will not make it much longer. He cannot eat or drink. His kidneys have shut down. Janet and I are rushing home to hold his hand one last time and tell him how much we love him even though we are not sure he will hear us. There has been no better father.

Fr. Bob with his priestly hands blesses and prays for my dad

Our friend Fr. Bob Roggenbuck came again to pray and anoint dad and give him an Apostolic Pardon. We pray and trust that dad is ready to meet his Lord Jesus whom he has loved and served for almost 6o years.

“Lord, send Your angels for your faithful servant. He is ready to come home. We also await the resurrection of his body on the Last Day! Thank you Lord Jesus for your merciful redemption.”