Thursday, August 16, 2012

My son Jesse made this wonderful video of my dad, and his beloved grandpa. We showed this tribute at the Funeral Home to hundreds of people today. There were a lot of memories and tears.

The funeral is at 10 AM Thursday at Schrader’s Funeral Home on Main Street in Plymouth, Michigan.

For the Eulogy delivered for my father at the funeral, look below this video.


A lot of good can be said about Dad. Anyone who MET him LOVED him and felt loved BY him. But I want to get to the heart of who Dad was and why people loved him so much.

Once when we were fishing Dad threw a stone in the pond and said, “Watch the ripples. They go to the edges and stop.” But Stevie, if you throw a stone into the pond of eternity — if you love God and live for Him — the stone of your choices will never end but ripple on for all eternity.

Dad threw a stone into that eternal pond on September 6, 1953. And that stone not only changed his life forever, but the lives of everyone else around him.

This CARD was signed by Dad on that date and states, MY DECISION FOR CHRIST. The ripples of that choice are still moving across the pond.

From that point on, he amended his life, embarked on a new course and put God and others first. That is why people loved him so much. From that moment Dad’s life was on a trajectory preparing for THIS day and for his eternity.

This is Dad’s first Bible, one of my most treasured possessions — it is part of our family story. It is marked — worn — and well-read. The date inside is March 1, 1954. And by the way, I was born 9 months later.

This card and Bible express the heart of Dad and his love for Jesus Christ. They express his essence. His new life — the life we all loved — began HERE. Dad lived what he believed and knew to be true.

My grandchildren surrounding the coffin before burial

I’d like to share Dad’s LAST WORDS to me — Toward the end, I whispered in his ear, “Dad, you are dying. Soon you will leave this world. Have you confessed your sins? Are you right with God? Do you still believe?

With shallow breathing and his eyes still closed he POINTED UP and whispered, “NOW MORE THAN EVER!”

I will never forget the last words of my father and I will strive to follow his example. He taught us how to live — and now, how to die.

Jesus welcomed Dad home. He is now in the glorious presence of God with all the angels and saints.

Dad, thanks for everything! Dad, Pray for us!