Friday, August 17, 2012

Vote for My Dad!

by JesseRay on August 17, 2012

My name is Jesse Ray. Steve Ray is my dad. He is stuck at #15 out of the 100+ well-known Catholic speakers found at
I happened across this site and would really appreciate your HELP. I know we can push him up closer to the top.
Hurry, voting ends Thursday, August 23rd. 

Thanks, Jesse


A Poem Written for my Dad by my good friend Joe Marmion. My thanks to a dear, creative, insightful friend full of truth and faith. I put in bold my favorite part.

I know you will hold my hand
and help me stay the path
we ran together
these yea many years.
I know you will be brave
and hold your tears
for times away.
I know you will mask your fears
to serve my every need
and draw the words to say
that cure discouragement
and ban all anxiety.
I know you will not
put on sorrow
or wait upon concern
but display the courage
to laugh and sing me on my way.
I know my hope will glow
in the light of your charity
and I will bridge the gap
with grace and certainty.
I know you will not
when I have gone
become alone
but hold that direction
with no limits on love
to our promised resurrection.
I know you were the trick
to my courage.
I’m never brave when I’m alone.
Just a lot of puff and vainglory,
I needed your pull to push me home

You know perfected hope is found
on the very brink of despair
when instead of falling in
we actually walk on air
buoyed by the sound
of the very breath of God,
confident in His loving care.
You know when I have gone
where you are, I will ever be.

For my heart your heart sees
and your steady refuge
my heart will always be.
You know that I, in turn,
will wait whatever the interval
and pray you home to me
with all the Saints and Him
who set the captives free
and smoothed our paths
so we can dance throughout eternity.


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