Here is the full Romney-Obama Debate

by Steve Ray on October 4, 2012

Romney did a great job. Obama is nervous, agitated and in my opinion did a poor job. Judge for yourself. This is a hugely important election!

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Tom Govern October 4, 2012 at 9:50 PM

Yes, Romney did indeed do a better job and kept his foot out of his mouth. Obama is weak. Still I pray that Mitt will shake that “rich boy” image for the average voter. I am not sure why Mitt did not do more to attack Obama’s results.
Anyway, one of my concerns is that Mitt takes a weekly oath at the Mormon Temple that he attends that he will further the ideals and religion of the LDS Church with all his efforts, wealth and influnece. This is part or their “secrete” ceremony.
Still, what option do we have? Obama, a baby killing, Muslim raised, socialist.
Romney is the best of the alternatives.

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