Voter’s Guide to Compare Romney and Obama

by Steve Ray on October 10, 2012

Here is a very helpful overview of the positions taken by the two presidential hopefuls. It might be a good idea to spread this around and share it with family and friends and in church bulletins. To visit their website and download this charge in PDF format, click here: Click on the image below to increase its size!

To see similar comparisons on the Priests for Life website here:

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Jacky October 11, 2012 at 7:17 PM


Because I’m black and a lady, I had a white co-worker come over to share a joke with me about another black student who was dead-set against Obama–because such a thing doesn’t exist. And then my other co-worker, a gay-women who doesn’t seem to like being a woman (her intent, not mine) exclaims that Romney will get rid of women’s rights (but she seems to dislike being a woman so much, I don’t know why she would be so fretful)! That he won’t let us work! (She happens to be a graduate of the school I go to, but also happens to only find employment at the cafeteria, does that speak to her abilities or the quality of my school?). And then, the man puts an arm around my shoulders, all buddy buddy like, as we are buddies, while I’m getting a case of the squirmies as I normally do when surrounded by heathen politics and religiosity, and asks “he wants to keep women from having control over their bodies–ain’t that a shame! You need to talk to your friend get him on bored.”(I don’t even know this boy (but since we’re both black we automatically are best friends and love Obama and fried chicken), but I’ve been looking for him so I can give him a high five and maybe find a like-minded friend to talk to). He continues: “See, I’m against a abortion myself, but if I woman wants”– I cut him off right there and told him that abortion is murder, I am Catholic and therefore I see nothing wrong with Romney as opposed to Obama. I then went on to tell him a few things that he was quite surprised about, such as the fact that Planned Parenthood, Obama’s sweetheart, is in the business of killing off black people, fights tooth an nail to avoid having to upholding the same sanitary conditions that true medical institutions have to (to save money and remain reminiscent of the back alley baby murders of days gone by) and that abortion mills are sometimes filthy, and staffed with racists. He was surprised and shocked by this and I left it at that.

However, I did feel the need to tell him some more things that would surprise him as they pertained to him and his situation. So some days later when we worked the same shift again, I told him that his 1 year old daughter would also have women’s rights thanks to Obama. He replied with a “Not if Romney’s in office” as if that is such a terrible thing. He wants his daughter to have all the rights that allow her to essentially be a harlot without immediate consequence. And I replied with some facts:

A: the moment she steps foot into Kindergarten, she could have a sex-ed classes that will teach her not about her changing body and hand out deodorant and sanitary napkins, like I got in the 5th grade, but how to perform the martial act (and acts of sodomy) with anyone but with her husband–He will not have to give consent or even know about it. And if he doesn’t like it, well, tough, depending on the school, it won’t matter.

B: She may also have access to condoms and birth control from Kindergarten on, apparently there are programs that are trying to distribute these to elementary school skids despite their age or lack of parental consent. It has already begun in some places. In fact, in some cases I’ve heard that she may be discouraged from telling her father that she has access to them or even that she has some in her little Finding Nemo book-bag pocket.

C: When the condoms eventually fail, and his daughter is a 13 year old mother to be, she won’t have to tell him about her intent to murder his grandchild. The Planned Parenthood may discourage her from telling him then too. If he does find out and doesn’t like it, well tough. It’s her choice and nothing and no one can get in the way of the almighty woman, even if she is a clueless little girl.

C.1: She may, however need parental consent to obtain the post-murder counseling given by the Planned Parenthood, due to state laws (I’ve heard of this happening), but since she was discouraged from telling her father, she may decide to tell him and deal with her crime alone, without support and from there, she may decide to exercise another Satan-given right, the right to die, and kill herself like many women who have received abortions, with or without counseling.

These are all things I have heard.

And my co-workers reply? In surprise and shock: “Kindergarten? That’s way too young! You don’t start passing out condoms and giving sex ed until the 6th grade!”

Well, I left without fuming, surprisingly–usually people’s stupidity grates me to the vary core. Clearly this man is a idiot, if he thinks that, but I told him the facts and my conscience is clear. I just pray for his daughter. The 6th grade, unless she stays back until she is 18, is when she’ll be about 11 years old. I distinctly remember being extremely innocent at 11, and my world consisted of playing with dolls and going to school and somehow coming to terms with changing classes instead sitting in one for hours at a time. Though my mother had explained to me the bird and the bees in a private, Christian context, I didn’t give it much thought and it wasn’t until I was much older that I realized that it was not done only when a couple wanted to have a child. And yet for this man, it was unacceptable for his daughter to be taught devil’s version of sex and given condoms at 5 and playing with blocks but a mere 6 years later, at 11 and playing with dolls.

What has happened? He is her father. Where is his driving desire to beat off all men until she’s 30 and then finding more subtle ways of warding them off? Or only wanting the absolute best for his daughter, a man who will treat her as a queen, and handle her like porcelain, instead of dishing her off to whom and whatever at the age of 11 when she is supposedly old enough to be sacrificed to the sex gods. What happened to protecting to purity, innocence and virginity of the young maidens, if not for all young maidens, at least for one’s own. I thought that, perhaps there is no chivalry in society at large, but at least there is in the homes. But I see not.

It’s so strange, this man already has a daughter and I know he loves he dearly, but can’t seem to think of the dangers ahead. I have no children. I have no husband, in fact I can’t even get a date to the movies and yet, I already have plans for keeping my kids, should I be so blessed, protected, faithful and Catholic.

PJO October 15, 2012 at 3:01 PM

Here here Jacky!!- Thank you- you speak truth with so clarity and conviction about the hellish reality bearing down on our families and communities. We must all take courage from your willingness to witness the truth to those who don’t, or who refuse, to acknowledge it. I just hope it’s not too late.

Jacky October 21, 2012 at 2:18 PM

Hello PJO!
Thank you for your words of encouragement. Please pray for me. I will be giving a presentation on Natural Family Planning in front of a large group of college students and college professors…and even though I’m going to stick to the scientific facts, I’m so incredibly terrified…
God bless you!

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