Thursday, November 8, 2012

Street Evangelization

by JesseRay on November 8, 2012

Some people write books, others blog, but the most exciting way to evangelize is to do it St. Paul style…on the street.

Have you ever experienced evangelization away from your comfort zone? You should check out St. Paul Street Evangelization. They are already working in seven states spreading around the country. They provide an avenue for Catholics to share the Person of Jesus Christ and the truth and beauty of the Catholic Faith with a hungry culture.  Check them out on the web at and find a location near you (or start your own)


This is an amazingly disgusting video that shows the “intelligence” of much of our “informed” electorate. How did Obama get elected? This explains some of it. It is hard to out vote Santa Claus amd free stuff. Lord, help us.

Some surveys inform us that 71% of Hispanics (mostly supposedly Catholics) voted for Obama, NOT because of immigration, but because Obama promises free stuff. Blacks voted 12 to 1 for Obama. Single women also voted largely for Obama. Everyone wants a Daddy.

When people begin to look to the Federal Government as their Daddy or their Santa Claus, this great country will no longer exist as we know it. What made this country great is now history and we are on the road to becoming Greece. Once you give them free stuff they feel entitled and will riot and protest if it is ever taken away, which ultimately it will — through austerity or default.

20121109-101317.jpgWhen Obama was elected the first time the country put the car into gear, when they elected him a second time they stomped on the gas to send the country more rapidly over the cliff.

When (of if) we eventually wake up and realize we cannot be an entitlement society living off trillions of dollars of credit, giving stuff away for “free”, we too will experience the riots and devastation Europe is experiencing today. We are over the hill too far torecover now that Obama has 4 more years to destroy our country.

Pro-life forces will have to redouble their efforts. The REAL legacy of a president is who he appoints to the Supreme Court. Obama has already said he will elect abortion judges. Are we ready to martyrs for life, justice and holiness?

People don’t want to work hard and be responsible anymore. They want everyone to be equal. Obama will insure we are all equally poor. Too many are now concerned about themselves and what they can get than for the over-all good and health of the country and the future for our children.

There is no doubt inflation will increase, the deficit will skyrocket, unemployment will rise and freedom will be stripped from us step by step.

Looks like Christmas came early for a lot of folks this year.