Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Cut off from the world

by JesseRay on November 20, 2012

Hello there, this is Jesse, Steve’s son, with an update on my dad and mom’s mission trip to India. They flew from Mumbai to Nagaland on Monday. We spoke briefly on borrowed phone because their iPhones have no service in the remote and mountainous land of Naga. I’ll bet you have never even heard of Nagaland before, in fact I’ll bet you didn’t even know that India has a little finger of land that squeezes between Nepal and Bangledesh and spreads back out reaching all the way to Myanmar (Burma) and China.

From what I understand there were headhunters (not the kind that want to help your career) living here into the 1960s. My dad has spoken with a Catholic Priest whose own father was a headhunter. There are not too many of cradle-catholics around here. 

Dressed as a Naga WarriorThey are having lots of fun learning about the culture meeting the Priests and Bishop, and most of all teaching the Catholics to embrace and defend their faith. The people we have met have a genuine love for the Lord and His church. Their openness and joy are contagious. Please pray for God’s blessing on my parents and the people they encounter. 

As soon as they arrive in Hyderabad, where their mobile service hopefully works again, he will have some very cool pictures and stories to tell about silverware, spears, and why Catholics need to take a lesson from Baptists.