My Walks thru Nagaland and Hyderabad India

by Steve Ray on November 27, 2012

Just click on the map to join the adventure

Arrived in Muscat Oman late last evening in preparation for two days of talks. We get to tour a bit too and tomorrow I will take an extensive walk through the old city. But I wanted to catch up and share my two long walks during our last days in India.

First, Kohima, Nagaland India is as exotic as we’ve visited. It was the land of the headhunters and the first Catholic was baptized here only 60 years ago and there are now 60,000 with 80 priests. It was amazing to meet the first priest from a specific tribe who’s father or grandfather was a jungle headhunter. The Baptists arrived in the mid-1800’s so many of the people below to Baptist churches spread over the hills.

The people are poor but very happy. As I walked through the narrow streets in the morning I watched the city come alive. They were shy of me. Naga folks tend to be wary of strangers, but as soon as I smiled, waved and said, “Hello,” their faces lit up and they smiled back with a quick, “Good morning!”

Click on the above image to the right to join the adventure with my interactive map, videos and pictures. The only thing I can’t bring you is the smells and ambiance of this exotic land. But enjoy the visuals and sounds. 

Click on the image above to join the adventure

Second, Hyderabad India, another exotic and wild place. No where do you hear quiet, feel clean or stop the motion of millions of people on the street like waterways pouring through the arteries. Motorcycles with whole families squeezed on the seat, rickshaws teetering as they swerve left and right through the traffic and rickety buses bulging with people and belching exhaust.

Destitute people laying helpless on the streets, students rushing along to get to class, bicycles dodging taxis which are dodging trucks. Hindu temples rise colorfully every few blocks with beggars at the doors and flower garlands and offerings brought to the elephantine gods. Everything imaginable for sales under blue plastic tarps and sidewalkless curbs.

You have to see it to believe and appreciate it so I used to provide you an interactive map with videos and pictures. Click lower picture to the right. Enjoy! 

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