Monday, May 13, 2013

It was another fun show. Good questions and lively discussion. The discussion turned especially lively when and ex-Catholic, now Southern Baptist pastor came on to show how little he really understood the teaching of the Church (though he thought he was the defined expert.)

Here is the link to listen on-line and the MP3 download link here.


1) David (Jewish) asked “My sponsor in AA is deeply Catholic and my kids were baptized into the Catholic Church. Am I making God angry that as a Jew I am thinking about and praying sometimes to Jesus?”

2) Jonathan (Marabian – Methodist) asked “Can you explain the infallibility of the Pope? Where did that come from?”

3) Mark (Eastern Orthodox) asks, “Why do Catholics believe the Holy Spirit from the Father and the Son when Orthodox believe the Spirit was sent only from the Father?”

4) Yosef (Coptic Orthodox) ask “Why do Catholics use unleavened bread for communion?”

5) Ron (Southern Baptist pastor) said, “I was a Catholic for 30 years – Why do Catholics worship and adore Mary?” (Actually this turned into a bit of a heated discussion about saints, tradition, Mary, and much more. He typically did not want to stay on one topic.)

6) Amy (Lutheran) asked, “My son is in kindergarten at a Catholic School. What resources can I use to help him understand the Catholic teachings which will be different than our Lutheran practice?”

I also promised to post an answer to “Why do Catholics use unleavened bread while Eastern churches us regular leavened bread.” I found an excellent article on this matter HERE..