Just Passed the 500 Mile Mark Today!

by Steve Ray on May 29, 2013

For the year 2013 I just passed the 500 mile mark today! Whew! I might hit 1,200 miles this year. Janet just hit a personal record today of 30 miles on the bike.

Five years ago Janet and I decided to change our lifestyle. It would mean 1) daily exercise, 2) cutting our diet in half, and 3) eating only healthy natural foods.

Janet started on the exercycle and other exercises. I started running. My goal was to run over 1,000 miles a year (only 2.75 a day). We have kept it up over the last four years and this is our 5th year. To see all my documented runs-walks, well over 200 of them, with interactive maps, videos and pictures, click here.

Since my knees blew out almost two years ago I’ve had the challenge of how to keep it up without running. We bought an elliptical machine for our simple home gym (next to Janet’s exercycle) and put in a wide screen TV.

When we are home we work together and watch old movies, documentaries, religious DVDs and more. (We pulled the plug on cable and TV eight years ago. We love Netflix.)

When we are away from home (2/3rds of the time) we still keep it up. I take off each day for power walks, which my knees can take, or I use the equipment in the hotels.


I love exploring on my feet. In the last five years, by the grace of God, I’ve been blessed to run-walk through many countries including Israel, Italy, Australia, Philippines, India, England, Ireland, Dubai, Oman, Poland, Turkey, Greece, and all the other places we visited because of conferences or pilgrimages. The best way to understand the land is to walk-run it. (You can see documentaries of all my runs here.)

This is our 5th year and I just passed the 500 mile milestone, 92.54 miles ahead of my goal for this date. 

But it is still way to easy to eat and drink too much. I have a motto “Nothing tastes as good as thin feels.” Though it is my motto, it is not always easy to remember and obey. 

The Catechism reminds me daily about Gluttony and Sloth and I must fight them. We usually think of sin in terms of sex, murder, abortion, gossip, lying or stealing–but the Catechism lists Gluttony and Sloth right up there with the others–each listed as one of the seven capital sins. 

Sloth is a “culpable lack of physical or spiritual effort; acedia or laziness.” Gluttony is an “overindulgence in food or drink.”

God only gave us one body and one lifetime. How are we going to use the gifts of God? Are we ready to give an account? Yikes, I better get back to work :-) What about you??

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Darrell May 29, 2013 at 4:51 PM

Congrats, Steve & keep it up! You’ve inspired me; I’m going running right now!

Greg Aitchison June 7, 2013 at 9:27 PM

Awesome post. Thanks, Steve! This is just what I needed. I’m been struggling with both sloth and gluttony lately and have been gearing up to get back on the ol’ physically (and spiritually) healthy road. This post has given me the extra dose of hope and encouragement I think I needed. Thank you!!!

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