Friday, July 5, 2013

Coptic Patriarch Hopeful After Egyptian President Deposed

Patriarch Ibrahim Isaac Sidrak Believes Country is Now On The Right Track

By Junno Arocho Esteves

CAIRO, July 04, 2013 ( – Patriarch of Alexandria of the Catholic Copts Ibrahim Isaac Sidrak expressed his support for the ouster of Mohamed Morsy as president of Egypt by the Egyptian military.

“We have been celebrating since yesterday evening. We did not sleep. The people of Egypt have peacefully regained their country. And therefore showed the world that they are civilized people, in spite of the great problems they face,” Patriarch Sidrak told Fides News Agency.

The end of Morsy’s presidency followed after weeks of public protests against a perceived government monopolization by the Muslim Brotherhood, the former president’s political party.

The Egyptian military deposed Morsy and set about establishing an interim government with the assistance of opposition parties and religious leaders in an effort to stabilize the country which has suffered weeks of turmoil in the wake of violent protests. Adly Mansour, head of the Egypt’s Supreme Constitutional Court, was appointed interim president until elections are scheduled.

“Several signals show that we are on the right track. We will not repeat the mistakes made in the past. This time, they have well prepared the next steps, today the new interim President Adly Mansour swears in, and gradually steps will be taken towards the full restoration of democratic order”.

Despite his optimism at the new turn of events, Patriarch Sidrak conveyed his concern with situations affecting the nation. “We cannot say that we do not have fears. The economic situation is worrying and makes everyone more at risk of being manipulated by the sirens of propaganda. Morsy’s militant supporters feel they have lost, and this can trigger feelings of revenge. We must convince them that there is also place for them in the Country and that no one rejects them, but they should be and behave as Egyptians, as fellow citizens of all the other Egyptians, and not aim at establishing religious despotism.”

The Coptic Patriarch explained that while most Egyptian citizens would “never accept to go back” the how the government was run under Morsy’s party, the fact remains that at least 5 million citizens “will continue to support the radical beliefs of the Muslim Brotherhood.”

“They should not be excluded from the political scene,” Patriarch Sidrak stressed, “but they must behave like a political party, and not as a means to impose religious hegemony. Everyone can live their own religious faith in the mosque or church, without imposing on others religious precepts.”



This article by Fred Reed entitled “Riots” is a sad but all to accurate read. 

Watching the Zimmerman trial, I wonder whether we may not be in for big trouble. Racial hostility is much higher in the United States than it is allowed to appear. In the Twittersphere there is much traffic from blacks, saying that if Zimmerman walks, they will kill him themselves, riot, or kill random whites. On many sites around the web, whites of a sort not found on NPR are saying, “Bring it on.” This is not your granny’s recipe for domestic tranquility.

Let’s not kid ourselves. Race underlies almost everything in this country that spends half its time denouncing racism. This is true of trials, and particularly true of show trials. When the police who beat Rodney King, were acquitted by a white jury, the cops being clearly guilty, blacks burned Los Angeles. When OJ Simpson, clearly guilty, was acquitted by a black jury, whites didn’t burn anything, but were angry and perfectly aware that the verdict was political.

The prosecution’s case against Zimmerman is so weak that unless the fix is in, he will walk. Katie, bar the door.

How did we get here? It’s a long story.

An important part of the world view of blacks is the belief that whites enslaved them. This makes sense if you believe a race is a coherent being with a life stretching over the centuries, as a man’s life stretches over decades. (Compare The Jews Killed Christ. “Gosh, Rachel. You don’t look old enough. You sure you did it?”)

It makes no sense to whites who reflect that no white in America has ever owned a slave, and no black has ever been one. Blacks know this, but it is hard to focus anger on things done by dead whites long before you were born…

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